GO-MTSS/SST and GO-IEP work together to integrate the two applications and allow data to feed from the GO-MTSS application to the GO-IEP application at the time of an initial referral from SST to Special Education. Below is a graphic showing the connection.

When a student is referred to special education, this should be documented as a recommendation in an SST meeting on the Complete Review Page of the SST form. The special education team will need to be notified of this referral so that the appropriate steps can be completed in the required timeframe. Generally, the students will continue to receive interventions after this referral until the student has been evaluated, found eligible, and services under an IEP have started.


Complete review page.

The student should not be exited from SST until IEP services begin. At the time the referral to special education is made, please be sure that the MTSS/SST information is thoroughly documented.

Information which you want to import from SST to IEP must be entered PRIOR to assigning a case manager in GO-IEP. Data not entered prior to that time will need to be manually entered in GO-IEP.

Upon referral to special education, a case manager will be assigned in GO-IEP. At that time, the student will have an active case in both applications.